Feedback Posted For Most Recent LearnMoodle MOOC

The #LearnMoodle MOOC has been a successful initiative over the past several years and a great way to continue to extend and deepen the Moodle community. Not only is it a great way for newbies (and experienced Moodlers) to get up to speed on how to Moodle:

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“Running this MOOC regularly is great opportunity for HQ to see Moodle in action and learn how it could be improved for teachers and students everywhere.”

With that said, Mary Cooch has published the feedback received from learners for the most recent MOOC – both what was done well and what could be improved. To summarize:

What was done well

  • Keeping things simple
  • The provision of weekly tutorials
  • The provision of live sessions via BigBlueButtonBN for increased interactivity

What could be improved

  • Continue to simplify content so that is speaks to the wide variety of audience members
  • Rethinking the layout of the course to encourage interaction at the right times
  • How to re-use practice courses, especially in the light of MoodleCloud
  • Rethinking level of effort and deadlines for practice work

Reading though the comments on this feedback, another salient point that stood out for me was that this particular MOOC appears to be more successful because of the mix of attendees – newbies and experienced Moodlers and teachers and administrators and more. This mix creates a solid community of support during the MOOC that is utilized well by participants.

Mary Cooch also notes that there are often issues and fixes identified during the MOOC. If you’d like to track what has been identified and how it is being addressed you can check it out here.

Did you attend this #LearnMoodle MOOC? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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