In a recent update to the most popular Essential theme, Gareth J Barnard the current maintainer has released the updated version with fixed bugs and fixes.
Essential is a clean and customizable theme for all supported Moodle versions. Essential is tested and tried by thousands of users, and ranks number one for all available third party themes.
The current version incorporates the following adjustments:

- FIX: Social icons when collapsed.
- FIX: Default user pix as svg in IE.
- FIX: Print adjustments.
- FIX: Issue #466: Forum overflow.
- FIX: Issue #471: Descriptions on profile page truncated.
- FIX: Issue #475: Popup layout does not get all settings for fonts.php.
- FIX: Issue #476: Essential hidden category headings.
- NEW: Updated to FontAwesome 4.3.0 with WOFF2 font support.  Requires 2.8.5+ (Build: 20150313) -
- NEW: Dynamic WOFF2 support based upon Moodle version - see: MDL-49074.

To download the latest version of the Essential theme please check out this link:
Essential theme is downloaded more than 318k times till date and is currently being maintained by Gareth J Barnard.
Here is a quick video intro of the essential theme.


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