TinyMCE, Moodle’s text editor for a number of major releases (which replaced HTMLarea) has been acquired along with Moxiecode the project’s developer. Ephox, the acquirer will be rolling all Moxiecode projects into its portfolio. According to the press release,

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Ephox has announced it will be acquiring Moxiecode, the company behind TinyMCE, the WYSIWYG editor used with WordPress, Joomla, Evernote, Moodle, and many other open source or commercial projects.

The move will not kill off the company’s main product, which will continue to live on as an open source project, Ephox dedicating itself to adding new features, revamping the editor’s UI, redesigning its website, and also improving its documentation in the upcoming future.

Ephox will be integrating Moxiecode’s other projects into its own portfolio, which currently is made up of the Textbox.io, a WYSIWYG editor for Web, mobile and desktop environments coded in HTML5, and EditLive!, a similar tool for Java developers.

tinymceWhat’s the impact for Moodle? Minimal depending on your timeline to upgrade Moodle to a version that uses Moodle’s own in house texted editor, Atto. In the meantime TinyMCE will continue to support users in versions like Moodle 2.5 without an immediate change.

Read more at Softpedia or Moxiecode.

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