Ever wondered if you need to show up some forum post after a specified post or else the forum post should be hidden after certain time.
This small and nice feature known as Timed Posts is available since Moodle 1.8 but still it is mentioned on the Forum settings page that it is still in Experimental stage as not yet fully tested. I have tested it on my development site and I found it to be very useful for teachers who wants their feedback to be displayed after certain period of time or else students will not be able to search the forums after long time (elapsed time).
To enable the timed posts on your Moodle site, navigate to Administration > Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > Forums menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Forum settings
Navigate to forum settings page

On the bottom of the forum settings page, the last option is a checkbox named “Timed Posts”, simply click the checkbox to select and then click Save Changes button.
Timed Posts
Enable Timed Posts

After enabling the timed posts feature, just navigate to a forum discussion and try adding a new discussion topic to that forum.
display period
Display Period Settings

Apart from the usual post settings, you will have another section in the bottom to control the display period of the forum post. You can choose the display period according to your requirements and submit your forum post.
Hope this small tip will be of any help to you.
Reference: https://docs.moodle.org/28/en/Forum_settings

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