VM ChatOne of Moodle’s greatest foundations is the ability to deliver content in a format that allows students to interact with the lesson and materials at their own pace. However, there are as many ways to deliver learning material as their are subjects. In a wide variety of scenarios, it is important for an instructor or supervisor to be able to interact with the student population in real, or near real, time.

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This is obviously possible using messaging technology outside of the Moodle environment such as Skype, iMessenger, etc. But, there is also an option to provide instant messaging within the Moodle environment using VM Chat. This plugin modifies the footer area in Moodle to show a pop up instant messaging chat similar to what you’ve used for technical assistance or customer service on a wide variety of commercial applications.

Moodle’s regular chat feature doesn’t support the “always on” feel of the VM Chat which is pervasive throughout the experience. The plugin is updated through 2.9.1. and is a fairly lightweight application – running it’s service via the VidyaMantra servers and SSL certificate.

Have you used this plugin? Is instant chat an important feature to have in your Moodle strategy? Leave us a comment below.

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