DUK-reminder is a simple block to send out reminders to your students from within the course like course completion. It can be send out to the selected users in a course and should remind them to finish certain tasks like course completion based upon criteria defined for course completion.
The criteria for setting the reminder are as follows:

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  • all: reminder is sent out to all users of a course. This can be used in combination with sending out reminders at a fixed date.
  • course-completion: all users are reminded at a fixed date or with a relative date to complete their course
  • course-inscription: only possible in combination with relative time. all course-users are notified if course inscription dates back longer than the chosen time.
  • course-completion criteria: tasks like quizzes, etc. can be defined as criteria for course completion. At an absolute date all those are  notified that have not completed these tasks. Wit a relative date those are notified, that have fulfilled the criteria but where the completion status lies back longer than the given time.

Course reminder
You can download the DUK-reminder block from this link: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/block_dukreminder

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