With all of the features added to Moodle Mobile and a growing list of additional plugins that you can use in conjunction with the Moodle Mobile app like push notifications (for older versions of Moodle) and Moodle Availability Plugin for conditional mobile activities the options for creating a highly usable course no matter what device students are using to access it are growing and growing. Thankfully at docs.moodle.org a guide to “Creating Moodle Mobile Friendly Sites” has been created and shared.

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The Contents include tips for sites, how to use each of the additional plugins available and much more.

For example, to ensure that the Mobile Moodle app navigation is helpful to students, consider not using orphaned activities or resources. For resources that might be flash based only, consider posting an alternative for your iOS and mobile users to ensure that they aren’t missing out due to incompatibility. Also, use direct links or provide the option to click on a direct link instead of embedding to Youtube or Google Maps and they’ll open in their own apps.

Lots of great tips at https://docs.moodle.org/28/en/Creating_Moodle_Mobile_friendly_sites

Opening a Map link using your phone’s native apps


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