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Advertising, in many ways, makes the internet work (or at least many of the services we all rely upon). Google. Facebook. Yours truly. And, as many of you know, MoodleCloud. By providing advertisers with eyeballs, these companies pay for the services we all enjoy.

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It is possible to remove advertising from your internet experience. Adblockers usually do a good job and there are a variety of other ways to hide the feeds of most major advertising platforms (like Google AdWords/AdSense). This is even possible in MoodleCloud (although, because this funds MoodleCloud, it is really a good idea to ‘whitelist’ the service to pay it forward).

But, rather than using a blocker, MoodleCloud is now available ad-free for a very small fee ($5 AUD). You can make this happen by simple choosing the ‘hide ads from student view’ option after logging into your account. I like this option because you’re accomplishing two things at once – you’re improving your user experience and continuing to help support Moodle at the same time.

Hop on over to MoodleCloud today and check it out.

Are you a MoodleCloud user? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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