William Lu has shared another beautiful presentation with the whole Moodle community on the Moodle.net site about usage of the database module to create the dependent menus.
Sometimes, when you collect information with a ‘Database form’ in Moodle, the ‘Add entry’
page shows many fields. If this includes some non-compulsory fields, then you can use a dependent menu to reveal relevant fields only.
For example, to create a form listing all countries, you can use a menu field to list the
continents first. After the user chooses “Europe”, the selection in Field 2 “Country” is reduced to the countries within Europe.
You can download the presentation from this link and 3 database presets from this link.
And, here is the direct link to the Moodle.net entry. Thanks William for sharing such a nice piece of work with whole Moodle community.
If you have some more ideas about using the database activity, please share in the comments.

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