Questionnaire Plugin is very popular custom survey creation plugin for Moodle and can be used to create various kind of surveys on your Moodle site. One such survey can be to test the Personality test using the Questionnaire plugin.
A personality test is a tool that attempts to measure a person’s social interaction skills and patterns of behavior. Today while searching for the Personality test in Moodle, I came across a Moodle docs page which describes the process of creating a personality test using Questionnaire module.
The main difference of using a questionnaire module instead of Quiz or Lesson is with Questionnaire you do not test or assess the student, you gather data.
According to the overview:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

In the Moodle Questionnaire add-on, the “personality test” feature enables a questionnaire creator to attribute different “values” to the answers to certain types of questions. Those values can be added into scores – globally or in several “sections” – and relevant feedback messages based on those scores can be displayed to the respondent.

You can also check out the page here –
Moreover, there is a dedicated support forum for the Questionnaire plugin in the Moodle forums here.
What are the other different types of survey’s can be created using the Questionnaire plugin? How you are taking the personality tests in your Moodle Course? Do let us know in the comments below.

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