Cool UX/UI elements for course editing in the new Blackboard Learn


I’ve been looking at a few other LMSes and how they handle editing and the student view of content for inspiration (always good to keep tabs on what new UI/UX trends are in the marketplace). Recently that brought me to the “New User Experience” which is purportedly coming to Blackboard Learn and is covered in this webinar recording:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

What’s cool about how the new interface works for teachers is that the main course page or outline never is further away than just in the background of the interface. Teachers can see the outline completely and then when they choose to add a new activity or resource a quick overlay appears with the editing options (no page loads and the context of the outline is always available in sight).

The demonstration starts at about 12:42 from the editing users’ perspective. Check out the quick GIF below or jump to the place in the video: As stated in the video, it’s “not a lot of navigation” which I think is a strong point of their new UI.