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In 2015, two Moodlers – Mihir Thakkar and Ramindu Deshapriya – successfully completed developing new technology for Moodle. Mihir and Ramindu worked on individual projects and received help from the Moodle community to design, test and troubleshoot. Now, their respective projects have been completed passing their final evaluations.


Mihir implemented a new enrollment plugin Bulk meta course link that extends the features provided by the standard Course meta link plugin and allows the teacher to to link multiple courses in a single enroll instance.

Ramindu delivered a “dummy” plagiarism plugin called Moorsp that allows extensive testing of the plagiarism framework without having to go through commercial plugins to make it work.

Continuous support for the development, growth and vibrancy of your community is a smart move for any open source project or movement. This support can realize especially high returns when its focused on expanding the depth and breadth of the functionality of the core product or service. It seems almost impossible to go wrong with this support when its underwritten by a truly global giant. Google’s Summer of Code is a great way for Moodle to develop future programmers with mentorship and real world experience. From the Summer of Code website:

The Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.

The Moodle community has benefited (to varying degrees) over the years by supporting individuals who have participated in the GSoC.

Check out these projects [and all of the amazing past projects in Moodle HQ’s nearly decade of GSoC experience] and give us your opinion about how they might add value to your Moodle in the comments below.

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