Capterra, a business software consultancy has published results from an LMS survey they recently ran. The particular population of respondents show that they range across all industries (only 21% were “Education”) and that organizations ranged from small to very large (over 15% were billion dollar+ companies).

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Based on responses,

The most popular LMSs among respondents track very well with our previously published research on the subject. Moodle was far-and-away the most used, with SumTotal/Skillsoft a close second, and Blackboard and Cornerstone vying for third.

Interestingly Canvas is absent from the list which would suggest that the skew towards non-education companies has limited their respective/true share (for more information about the breakdown of higher ed LMS use see the coverage on Edutechnica).


There’s a lot of good additional information in the survey results which help to highlight LMS buying behavior such as why they selected a specific LMS (price and functionality), what features are most desired, reasons for dissatisfaction, etc. which are all relevant to anyone in the LMS business (either as purchasers or providers of the software).

Check out the full report and survey results at


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  1. My guess is that ILIAS, Sakai, Instructure/Canvas are just lumped in that “other” category

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