Calculate each students activity in the course relative to other students using Moodle Meter block


Marty Gilbert one of the moodle community member has posted his development work for community feedback in the Moodle forums. His work the Moodle Meter Block is still under development but capable of displaying student engagement and feedback about their activities in the course.
Acc. to the original post by Marty Gilbert in Moodle forums, the Moodle Meter block would:

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  • calculate each student’s course activity*, relative to others in the course
  • Assign each student to 1 of 5 levels – 1 being well below average, 3 being average, 5 being well above average.
  • show each student their level, as an indication of how active they are on the course site relative to their classmatescombinedLevels
  • show the instructor a list of all of the students’ levels, including the ability to graph the change in activity over time

*The calculation of a student’s activity score is terribly simple, and essentially scores the Moodle logs for occurrences of certain types of activities, each class of activity is weighted in the block config.
You can download the Moodle Meter block from this github page link.

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