Back To School 2015: Assessing Students through Quizzes


Each year we’ve focused a bit of our September posts to helping teachers get their academic year started right. Each day this week we’ll publish a simple trick, tip or resource list which we think will help to make it easier to use Moodle in the classroom and to use it better.

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Quiz ModuleAfter you’ve created your course and delivered your material, you need a way to assess the progress of your students and how well they are able to understand and use the concepts you’ve presented. Enter Moodle’s Quiz Module. The Quiz Module allows you to create assessments for almost every type of material with a number of question type options that come standard and many more that can be added by installing community developed code.

This is the critical refresher for everyone coming back to school: building a quiz in Moodle is a two step process. First you need to create the quiz activity and then you need to add the questions to the quiz.

When creating a new quiz activity, you have a number of options to chose from to tailor the activity to your particular needs. These include:

  • The timing of the quiz (e.g. when does the quiz start and end?)
  • How the quiz will be graded (e.g. what is a passing grade?)
  • The layout of the quiz (e.g. do you need pagination for longer quizzes?)
  • The behavior of the questions (e.g. do you want the questions randomly displayed?)
  • Reviewing options (e.g. what can students see when they review their attempts?)
  • Quiz appearance (i.e. will the user’s photo be shown on the quiz?)
  • And other functionality related to access restrictions and outcomes.

Adding questions is the second part which will require you to have question banks either on hand to import or questions ready to create one by one in the Moodle item creation interface. Importing questions is the most efficient but slightly more involved process. Our favorite here at Moodlenews is the GIFT format which uses some simple coding syntax to help you quickly create questions to be uploaded.

If you’d like to watch a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up a quiz activity. This video below was created by Moodle Partner HRDNZ as a part of the moodlebites series.

If you have a fantastic tip or trick related to the Quiz Module that you’ve used at your school, please share it in the comments below!
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  1. Quiz is helpful for assessment and for tracking video viewing. I have used the quiz with a video embedded in either a question or description to help see if the students were there long enough to watch the entire video. The total time each student spent in the quiz is posted for me along with their responses to the questions.


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