Quiz fault-tolerant mode Plugin is an experimental plugin maintained by Tim Hunt which is designed to allow a student to continue working on a deferred-feedback quiz attempt even if the network connection goes down.

Fault tolerant quiz

With this plugin enabled, when the quiz is attempted:

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  • All the questions are downloaded at the start, so that you can instantly switch between pages of the attempt with no further contact to the server.
  • When the response to a question is changed, it is saved behind the scenes (like standard quiz auto-save).
  • The the session gets lost, a pop-up appears where you can log in again, then you can continue with the attempt without reloading and losing your unsaved work.
  • At the end, when you submit, the submission is processed asynchronously, so that if an error occurs you can try again, or continue your attempt.
  • If auto-saving fails, then the warning shown is much less dire, since it does not matter so much.
  • Whenever there is unsaved data, you get a warning if you try to leave the quiz page, so you don’t accidentally lose data.
  • In case you never re-connect to Moodle, then a download link is provided, so you can save your responses to a file.
  • There is then a screen where Editing teachers or Managers can upload those locally saved responses to be processed.
  • The downloaded responses can be encrypted, if required.

Complete documentation for the plugin can be found at link :
You can download the latest version of the plugin from https://moodle.org/plugins/view/quizaccess_offlinemode

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