Are Your Plugins Ready For Moodle 3.0?

update your moodle plugins for 3.0

While delayed a week, 3.0 has passed all QA tests and the launch is just around the corner. (You can download the beta here).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

While I suspect that most institutions won’t upgrade immediately, there are a number of things the development community should to check/verify to make sure all of their plugins will function correctly so they are ready to go:

  • Make sure everything in version.php is correct (correct version listed, listed dependencies, incremented version numbers, specification of $plugin->component, and no $module
  • Check your plugin, module, theme, etc. against all of the upgrade.txt files (you can just just run git grep “=== 3.0 ===” to see them all in github.)
  • See if you need any additional mapping for storing log files
  • And, of course, make sure you visit the Plugin Directory and add “3.0 supported” to your listing!

Is your plugin ready for 3.0? Tell us in the comments below!