Are you in? Looking to the future of the Moodle Association

The Moodle Association is slated to kick off formally in December 2015 and we’ve been watching the development since it was first announced at a Moot Keynote. This is a really exciting time for the future of Moodle and how the community can get directly involved in helping to support the mission of Moodle, it’s development roadmap, and helping to make important decisions about design, usability, etc. These projects will be community developed, submitted, selected and ultimately funded until released by Moodle HQ in the official core code.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Until the official launch though there’s not a lot of info about garnered interest in the association so we wanted to do a quick poll/survey to see if we could get a sense of how many organizations and individuals will join from our readers. We at Moodlenews are definitely in and planning on joining at the highest institution/organization level we can afford (want to join us?). We’ll share the info we’ve gathered in a future post around mid November.

Are you in?

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