Student folder pluginWe all know that learning is a two way street. Instructors provide information, documentation and context for students to absorb and then integrate. Students also contribute to the learning environment through their interaction and contribution of work. AMC (Academic Moodle Cooperation) has created the Student Folder module to facilitate the sharing of student generated information easily. There are two ways student generated documents can be shared with other learners:

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  1. Students can upload documents to the folder. These documents can be shared instantly, or upon approval of the instructor.
  2. If documents are uploaded in response to an assignment, the instructor can decide what will be made visible to the rest of the participants.

These two capabilities help to differentiate the tool from Private Files and help to answer a real need, as suggested in the comments on

What I like is hitting two birds with one stone here – either of the modes (copy from assessment / manual upload) itself would make the module useful enough, and you are providing them both… It is apparent that the features were designed to meet real teachers’ demands.

Have you used the Student Folder module in Moodle? How has this improved your class interaction? Give us your feedback below!

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