2014bythenumsDid you know that in 2014 Moodle turned 12? Here are a few other neato statistics and facts about the Moodle LMS and milestones reached during the course of 2014. A full list has been published at Moodle.com in their post, “Moodle 2014 Overview by Numbers“.

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  • the HQ capital campaign sold 144 Moodle is Orange tshirts
  • 964 total plugins were available in the new plugin database
  • plugins were downloaded 3.9 million times
  • Moodle Mobile was downloaded 350,000 times and 125,000 mobile notifications (a late addition to the app in 2014) were sent
  • more than 23 Moots were hosted worldwide (did you go to one? Want to?)
  • 2 major (2.7 and 2.8) releases and 21 minor releases have kept pushing the envelope
  • 300 particularly helpful Moodler badges were awarded
  • over 21,000 discussions were started in the .org forums

A great year!

Check out the full post at http://moodle.com/moodle-2014-overview-by-numbers/


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