MoodleBites has a great collection of theme customizing videos on their Youtube channel, all part of their MoodleBites for Theme Developers series which focus on the tools, tips and processes you’ll need to fully customize your own theme.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Each of the 11 videos focuses on a succinct part of theme development, including the tools like Firebug, how to duplicate a theme and more. If you watch the full series you’ll get almost 45 minutes of instruction.

MoodleBites also offers full (paid) online courses for theme developers which you can check out at

Video list:

  1. Web developer tool bar
  2. Firebug
  3. Installing a theme in Moodle
  4. Duplicating a theme
  5. changing the banner
  6. changing the navbar colors
  7. course topic boxes
  8. adding images to a theme
  9. adding gradients using CSS3
  10. customizing blocks
  11. moving divs using CSS

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