You Might Be a Moodler (Doc of the Day)


countrymoodleHere’s a laugh for Thursday, it’s a list of statements, which, if any are true, would clearly name you as a “Moodler”. The list of “You might be a Moodler” bullets is based on American Comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” and is worth a read if you’re looking for a laugh for Thursday.

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I myself am guilty of more than a few, including

  • having multiple Moodle web pages open, including
  • knowing how to spell and pronounce Dougiamas
  • travelling to far off places to learn more about Moodle [Mountain Moot] (I’m even wearing the tshirt today)
  • knowing the Moodle in English course ID

Have any to add? Check out the full list of why you might be a Moodler at



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