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WizIQ recently launched a mobile app for their synchronous classroom tool; it is available for both Android and iOS. The first thing I was interested in was if Moodle users would be unable to launch the mobile app if their courses included the WizIQ tool, however if you’re using a handheld and you’re Moodle can handle the mobile traffic it’s possible to take advantage of the free app (note that there are paid versions of WizIQ available). To access the system via the Mobile app through a Moodle classroom:

  1. Moodle users need to go to when they are using their iOS or Android devices.
  2. Install the WizIQ app (iOS or Android based) on the device, user is using.
  3. Go back to Moodle interface.
  4. Launch the class.

Automatically, class will get launched in WizIQ app (WizIQ app will get launched automatically and user will be in the class), without any manual steps. Pretty cool. Learn more about WizIQ mobile at

For more information on the WizIQ addon for Moodle visit


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