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I had a chance to ask one of the organizers “why a health Moodlemoot” recently and Gena Veliotis of Adventist HealthCare who has partnered with Moodle Partner Pukunui helped answer that question. The healthcare industry (here in the US and abroad) is one of the largest markets in the world. Many healthcare organizations are coordinating training and resources for 100s of staff c0-located and managed at a distance as they provide healthcare to populations both urban, suburban and rural. In the case of Sydney Adventist Hospital in New South Wales they are managing over 2500 staff across three hospitals and the training needs are only increasing.

Staff requires constant training (and easy ways to verify that the training is happening/has happened) in areas like:

  • legislative compliance training required of all staff (such as Fire Awareness training)
  • professional development to maintain certifications and to meet required professional development hours
  • clinical training to ensure that staff such as nurses are up-to-date on the latest hospital clinical procedures

To accomplish this widespread educational need a learning management system is an obvious choice to help coordinate and track training centrally. According to Gina,

We adopted eLearning a few years ago, as this was a means of meeting our compliance training, as well as forming part of our blended delivery solution for our clinical training programs.  Moodle was a natural choice for us, because it’s open source, easy to use and is compatible with lots of other products.

So why a healthcare focused Moodlemoot? Keeping healthcare staff sharp, up-to-date and proficient is a natural requirement in healthcare and the LMS (and Moodle) are great ways to ensure that is happening.

For more information on the Health Moodlemoot visit http://health.moodlemoot.com.au/

Registration is now open and the conference runs November 27-28th in Sydney.


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