One of the newest gradebook settings in Moodle is Natural Weighting which was often mentioned in the list of new features but not widely explained. So what is Natural Weighting?

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Natural Weighting is an intuitive, WYSIWYG interface for the gradebook which helps to organize and manage your gradebook if you are using categories. For example, in any given category set to “natural” the grade items within that category will carry a natural weight (if a category is worth 100 points and there are four assignments, each carries a weight of 25). With Natural Weights you can edit each of the assignment to fit your needs in the case.

Think of it as another option to set up the gradebook without modifying grade values at the assignment level. Checking it out on I was able to create a quick demonstration to show how you can check the box for a weight and edit it, the rest of the category items will automatically update their weights out of 100%.

Natural Weighting is now available on Moodle 2.8+.

You can check out the explanation (a work in progress) at As a benefit, Natural Weighting actually helps to replicate the functionality of many of Moodle’s existing gradebook category types which should greatly improve the usability and reduce the complexity of managing gradebooks from here on out.

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