New to Moodle 2.6, Mary Cooch demonstrates how teachers can annotate and markup PDF submissions which students have made to assignments. This is a handy feature which, if implemented correctly (so that students submit the right file type) could drastically cut down on downloading and uploading files with markup and improve the overall level of feedback students are able to see directly in Moodle. Pretty slick.

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Read more about the feature at

Check out the video here or below:

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  1. I mark up hundreds of papers in my composition classes each week. This feature looks interesting and might move me from the paper world somewhat. There is one problem that still needs to be solved–traceability. In process writing, students need to demonstrate the process of their writing and their process of improving an essay over multiple drafts–at least three. I have not seen a system in Moodle which does that. The teacher needs to see all drafts and see how the advice given in earlier drafts was adopted. Also, when we use peer evaluation for an early draft, those notes and all pre-writing notes need to be gathered and seen together with the drafts. A clear file with all these myriad notes and drafts is perfect for keeping that collection and giving appropriate guidance.


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