Moodle HQ is moving forward with its Autosave feature for Moodle’s text editor which has spent 5 years in the tracker. It’s currently being actively developed by Damyon Wiese at Moodle HQ who has already created a proof of concept and put it through the motions of automated testing.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

A few things up in the air currently and being discussed in the Tracker:

  • will there be a visual cue that saving was successful/failed
  • how will information be saved for the end user and where (the aim initially is to prevent technical errors that might cause a user to lose their imputed work)
  • ramifications when Atto’s autosave meets the quiz autosave

In any event, lively conversation for a feature that will be an amazing asset to Moodlers (whether you have shoddy internet, are prone to letting your session timeout mid-sentence, or just wish that you could autosave what you’re typing.

Interested in following along, watching or voting up this feature? Check out

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