imoot-moodle-news-banner-v2If you have nontechnical issues with your Moodle site, today’s kick off session for the online iMoot might be your ticket to get a Moodle expert from around the globe to help you out. The leading session is “On Your Case – Peer Advice For Your Moodle Dilemmas” with Stephan Rinke and Michael Tighe and is described as,

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This session will give conference participants the opportunity to receive and give peer advice with the aid of a tried and tested method in professional development processes.
Participants will try out a peer advice method for use in their own professional contexts as well as receiving the opportunity to have the imoot community offer advice and new perspectives on their current real-life Moodle dilemmas.

In the run-up to the session, imoot participants are invited to propose their cases for the peer advice process (the focus should be on psychological, social, methodological or pedagogical issues rather than technical ones). Four of these cases will then be looked at during the sessions.

An invaluable chance to learn a new professional development method as well as tapping into the vast amount of knowledge and experience of the imoot community!

There’s still time to submit your idea to be looked at during the session (you just need to register and navigate over to

The session takes place at 5pm EST.

Hope to see you there:

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