top10On the heels of their experience at the Edinburgh Moodlemoot, the Sussex eLearning Team posted 10 recommendations to Moodle HQ regarding the future development of the worlds leading open source LMS. It’s well worth the full read if you have an interest in Moodle:

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While there are ten recommendations, I think they can be grouped into only two main camps,

1. narrow HQs development focus and the scope of what is core (and even go so far as to create a Moodle “lite”)

2. improve UI and UX by working with more designers, improving menus, blocks, and course layout, adding notifications

In any event, the full list is worth the read of each recommendation you can chime in at the eLearning Team blog or on,

  1. You don’t need more PHP developers you need more designers
  2. Follow the Market leaders of social media
  3. Focus on Moodle core functionality
  4. Consider Moodle courses as a bespoke textbook
  5. Navigation needs to be clear and clean
  6. Stop the proliferation of configuration variables
  7. Moodle course administration needs to be improved
  8. Make it easy to make content
  9. Have notifications
  10. Create a Moodle Lite


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  1. Snap. Many of these great ideas were mentioned to Martin 6 years ago and sooner at Moots I have attended. Perhaps Martin is not the right person to lead such necessary change. Ego has a funny way of stopping progress.


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