Danny Wahl (http://www.iyware.com), creator of Zebra  and Melbourne themes for Moodle has put an open invitation for feedback up seeking to create the best possible Moodle theme based on info gathered from students, teachers and developers.

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According to the post from 12/17,

I’ve decided to create a new Moodle theme with a specific emphasis on elementary/primary and tablet usage scenarios.  We’re planning on doing a lot of use/user testing, A/B tests and a lot of wireframes, mock-ups and other fun stuff.

At this point we’re teaming up and looking to recruit students, teachers, and devs for input.  Currently (by design) we have no initial work, ideas, or mock-ups.  We are purely soliciting ideas for input at this point.

No screenshots or other info available yet but you can get involved in creating the Simplex theme by participating here: http://thedannywahl.github.io/simplex-for-moodle/. According to the site: “Our goal is simple; to create a kid-friendly, touch-friendly, and easy to use Moodle theme. We can only do this by working with kids, parents, and teachers.”


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