PoodLL Anywhere allows audio, video Recording wherever the Text Editor is Available


Justin Hunt has recently released PoodLL Anywhere which allows you to record audio, video, whiteboard and stills anywhere the TinyMCE editor is available. PoodLL is a collection of plugins/addons for Moodle that allows various recording activities and resources to be created in your Moodle course. According to the site,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

PoodLL Anywhere adds icons to the TinyMCE html editor. So you can have one click recording, from pretty much anywhere in Moodle.

Similar to the Youtube Anywhere addon (also developed by Justin) its about ease of access and simplicity. Check out the additional icons on your TinyMCE editor available for PoodLL Anywhere:


Download the newest at https://github.com/justinhunt/moodle-tinymce_poodll and learn more at http://poodll.com/poodll-anywhere-has-arrived/.