plugin checkAs part of the improved and automated process part of David Mudrák’s improvements to the Plugin Database workflow, a new automated plugin check is provided as feedback to maintainers to help drive them toward a plugin which has all if it’s i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The plugin check provides a list of suggested, recommended and required information that will help it be reviewed more efficiently and downloaded and used more effectively once it’s been approved and released to the community.

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According to the announcement,

To make these aspects of the review process more transparent and evident, a new feature has been implemented in the Plugins directory. New report called “Plugin check results” is now displayed to plugin maintainers together with the indication of the importance level and additional help on the issue. This new report can be seen as a complementary one to the existing Code validation report, that reports on issues checked and detected in the uploaded ZIP plugin package.

What is the validation process checking for?

  • a description
  • screenshot (a must have in my personal opinion)
  • link to Git
  • bug tracker URL
  • external documentation link

Read more about the validation process here:

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