The Open University has a large set of plugins for Moodle available from the plugin database at, among the set is a simple tool that might help to discourage dishonesty and plagiarism in quizzes. The plugin is the Acknowledge Plagiarism Statement Access Rule [] which presents students with a disclaimer and checkbox to “agree” prior to starting a quiz (if the quiz is configured to include the statement).

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Think of it as a “Agree to these Terms” type action, but for any quiz where you’d like it and always as an additional set that must be acknowledged.

While not a technical measure like Turnitin or proctoring, honor codes and acknowledgement of plagiarism agreements and student ethical/honesty contracts have long been thought to help in discouraging cheating in online and face to face courses alike. One of several tools that I encourage you to consider as you manage courses through any learning management system.

Download it here:

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