OpenSource.Support Added as the Newest Official Moodle Partner


ossNew Zealand-based OpenSource.Support, a new open source software company focusing on Mahara and Moodle has been added as the newest Moodle Partner by The company offers long-term support for older versions of Moodle as 1000s of organizations continue to use them and are unable to upgrade. The company also offers custom development.

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The company, while new, is headed by Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning and a director at Kineo.

According to the press release [direct link:],

OpenSource.Support is focused on making project contributions work, helping other Moodle Partners when capability and capacity is tight, and working on the transformational deals – sector-wide, national or consortium level projects where the team’s experience and expertise can really make a difference. The company is selective about which projects it gets involved with. Development projects must be good for the customer and also good for the Moodle ecosystem, ideally developing or assisting in getting new features or improvements into the Moodle platform.

Richard Wyles said “Joining the Moodle Partner program is a new opportunity for us to contribute further to Moodle. At a personal level I’ve worked on Moodle and related projects such as Mahara for a large part of my career. In a sense it’s a continuation of a journey. OpenSource.Support is a different vehicle for myself and the team I work with, to help grow Moodle and other open source learning technologies. We’re strong believers in the freedom and value that the open source model offers education.”

Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle Pty Ltd said: “Although is new, Richard Wyles and his team have been contributors to the project in different ways for many years. I’m happy to have them join in a new capacity as a Moodler Partner.”


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