David Mudrak took the reigns of the October General Developer Meeting as the new Community Developer Liaison. Check out the official minutes here https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Developer_meeting_October_2014 (my unofficial observations are below).

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No time was spared as they kicked off the meeting with Martin Dougiamas discussing:

  • :1 minute – The eventual scheduled release of 3.0 which will simply follow 2.9 (no major changes, just continued progress and improvement). 3.0/3.1 may also carry long term support


  • Future development includes:
    • analytics and data
    • Moodle.org as a platform
    • open content (Moodle.net)
    • workflow and planning, including outcomes
    • access (accessibility, mobile, etc.)
  • 2.8 includes
    • major gradebook enhancements
    • navigation improvements (fewer blocks), though some may move onto 2.9
    • quiz editing interface improvements
    • forum improvements
    • inbound message API (VERP and reply by email)
    • mobile
    • logging events/event monitoring
  • Michael de Raadt moving to research manager at Moodle HQ
  • :11 minutes – Moodle HQ taking on the Moots in Australia and 1 in the US in 2015
    • videos and sessions will be recorded in good quality and shared
    • hackfests will be a part of the sessions/program


  • :15 minutes – Andrew Nichols on the Inbound Message API: which allows users to reply by email to discussion posts but also provides additional possibilities for using email to provide data from users directly to Moodle.
  • :37 minutes – Marina Glancy on string deprecation
  • :41 minutes – Daymon Wiese on assignment table restructuring simplifying SQL and finding latest assignments among the benefits
  • :46 minutes – Juan Leyva on Mobile app news and roadmap: recent upgrades (1.7 released recently) which includes forum reading offline and new web services. Future roadmap includes enhanced push notifications, uploads, assignment support, desktop apps and more.
  • 1 hour :02 minutes – David Mudrak on Plugin news including featured plugins, peer review of contributed plugins, better support of plugin releases via Github, improved comment/feedback wall on plugins pages.
  • 1 hour :10 minutes – Martin discussed the future of MNET for which development is being led by Catalyst IT. This is a framework for user interoperability between Moodle sites and Mahara portfolio systems.
  • 1 hour :13 minutes – Tim Hunt on a proposal for allowing quizzes to continue when sessions are dropped/internet is lost, vote for it here: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-47688.
  • 1 hour :20 minutes – Q&A with the audience which was mostly focused on the new logging/event handler reaction by the developer community, YUI, and “goodies” for Moodle 3.

Watch the full recording here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc4rOo6Tu_o.

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  1. Putting 3.0 in as an incremental release is actually a big change (I think). I seem to remember some time around the release of 2.0 Martin hinting that he was already thinking about 3.0 and it would be yet another evolutionary change.

    Of course 2.x has evolved so much in the last 3+ years that 3.0 will undoubtedly be wildly different than 2.0


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