October Moodle General Developer Meeting Recap: 2.8 and much more


David Mudrak took the reigns of the October General Developer Meeting as the new Community Developer Liaison. Check out the official minutes here https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Developer_meeting_October_2014 (my unofficial observations are below).

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No time was spared as they kicked off the meeting with Martin Dougiamas discussing:

  • :1 minute – The eventual scheduled release of 3.0 which will simply follow 2.9 (no major changes, just continued progress and improvement). 3.0/3.1 may also carry long term support


  • Future development includes:
    • analytics and data
    • Moodle.org as a platform
    • open content (Moodle.net)
    • workflow and planning, including outcomes
    • access (accessibility, mobile, etc.)
  • 2.8 includes
    • major gradebook enhancements
    • navigation improvements (fewer blocks), though some may move onto 2.9
    • quiz editing interface improvements
    • forum improvements
    • inbound message API (VERP and reply by email)
    • mobile
    • logging events/event monitoring
  • Michael de Raadt moving to research manager at Moodle HQ
  • :11 minutes – Moodle HQ taking on the Moots in Australia and 1 in the US in 2015
    • videos and sessions will be recorded in good quality and shared
    • hackfests will be a part of the sessions/program


  • :15 minutes – Andrew Nichols on the Inbound Message API: which allows users to reply by email to discussion posts but also provides additional possibilities for using email to provide data from users directly to Moodle.
  • :37 minutes – Marina Glancy on string deprecation
  • :41 minutes – Daymon Wiese on assignment table restructuring simplifying SQL and finding latest assignments among the benefits
  • :46 minutes – Juan Leyva on Mobile app news and roadmap: recent upgrades (1.7 released recently) which includes forum reading offline and new web services. Future roadmap includes enhanced push notifications, uploads, assignment support, desktop apps and more.
  • 1 hour :02 minutes – David Mudrak on Plugin news including featured plugins, peer review of contributed plugins, better support of plugin releases via Github, improved comment/feedback wall on plugins pages.
  • 1 hour :10 minutes – Martin discussed the future of MNET for which development is being led by Catalyst IT. This is a framework for user interoperability between Moodle sites and Mahara portfolio systems.
  • 1 hour :13 minutes – Tim Hunt on a proposal for allowing quizzes to continue when sessions are dropped/internet is lost, vote for it here: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-47688.
  • 1 hour :20 minutes – Q&A with the audience which was mostly focused on the new logging/event handler reaction by the developer community, YUI, and “goodies” for Moodle 3.

Watch the full recording here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc4rOo6Tu_o.