If you’re interested in trying out the very cutting edge of Moodle features (those that are just an idea on a demo site) you’re in luck. Moodle HQ’s Front End team has created http://prototype.moodle.net/ which showcases a few new features that are just being tested out in their earliest iterations. Recently I checked out the improved navigation that’s been suggested and I’m a fan.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Check it out for yourself at http://prototype.moodle.net/clean/

The prototype features a nav bar liken to Awesome bar or a few other Moodle themes but I think it is a vast improvement to the UI of Moodle sites and simplifies the look and feel. In addition it adopts some more generally accepted navigation and feature terminology that’s easy to pick up on. Check out the screenshots below and be sure to also give some feedback. New features:

  • Profile always available at top right
  • Simplified “Preferences”
  • Reorganized profile, account settings, blog preferences, etc.
  • Easy access to grades
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