My Own Moodle Guides and Presentation by Gareth Barnard


Gareth Barnard (@gjbarnard) recently shared 5 pdf’s that support his “super session” from the 2014 titled My Own Moodle. The session highlights the process of setting up your own Moodle site, including a lot of the technicalities required to get your Moodle up and running. The full agenda is below.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS


In addition to the conference presentation now being available you can also download and use the 5 guides that Gareth’s shared to support those setting up their own Moodle sites:

  • Bitnami Guide
  • EasyPHP Guide
  • Standard XAMPP Guide
  • WAMPServer Guide
  • Zend Guide

Each is available for download from Google Drive: Watch the full presentation below and, if you’re interested add Gareth to your circles on Google+


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