My Own Moodle Guides and Presentation by Gareth Barnard


Gareth Barnard (@gjbarnard) recently shared 5 pdf’s that support his “super session” from the 2014 titled My Own Moodle. The session highlights the process of setting up your own Moodle site, including a lot of the technicalities required to get your Moodle up and running. The full agenda is below.



In addition to the conference presentation now being available you can also download and use the 5 guides that Gareth’s shared to support those setting up their own Moodle sites:

  • Bitnami Guide
  • EasyPHP Guide
  • Standard XAMPP Guide
  • WAMPServer Guide
  • Zend Guide

Each is available for download from Google Drive: Watch the full presentation below and, if you’re interested add Gareth to your circles on Google+