Had the pleasure of sitting in on Randy Thornton’s “Basic Admin” presentation and there were a lot of great tips on how to not get started with any new Moodle site. While the workshop was focused on those new to Moodle administration Randy immediately made some great points about how and what you should and shouldn’t do when you first boot up your fresh install.

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I wasn’t able to stay for the full session, but here are a few quick tips on getting started that should save you headaches later:

  • set your location (for server time)
  • change your language pack (otherwise you’ll get called out on “enrol” again and again)
  • review (and if necessary modify) your password policy
  • always unmask your password to verify what you’re typing is what it you want it to be
  • don’t immediately load all your users
  • don’t immediately start building a course


Follow Randy for Moodle admin tips, open source software and mojito selfies at https://twitter.com/thornedu

And for more of all the goodies going on in Montana at the MountainMoot check out #MtMoot


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  1. I don’t get the last two points:

    – don’t immediately load all your users
    – don’t immediately start building a course

    Why not?

  2. Luis, the main point was to ensure that the minor configuration options were addressed first before launching into user management and course creation. One example was what if you upload all of your users prior to setting the default lang or server time? If you’ve imported 1000 users right off the bat they may inherit user settings that are incorrect.

    Just a time saver…


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