catalystIf you’ve got the startup bug and are interested in working on a cutting edge project as part of behemoth publisher Pearson, Inc.‘s Catalyst for Education I think there’s a pretty solid opportunity available worldwide. The Catalyst for Education program is a startup incubator that provides guidance and seed funding ($15,000) to startups tackling big problems that Pearson is interested in. Originally there was a residency requirement in the UK for the startups but that has been removed this time around (so location need not matter).

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There are a quite a few projects worth tackling [10 challenges for 2014], but one specifically jumps out as an opportunity with a lot of overlap with the direction that Moodle is heading in now: Mobile Math Input,

Help Higher Ed students learn and complete math assignments on the go. Build an easy to use solution which enables input of mathematical expressions on mobile devices using a stylus or finger, without requiring a specialized input pallet.

Moodle’s existing and future text editor would be a great way to build in an easy to use plugin tool to help students input mathematical notation, etc. From a mobile user standpoint this could be a killer app as well allowing students to complete assessments on the fly without being in front of a computer (and may also flatten the learning curve required to master keyboard inputted notation).

Interested? Check out The deadline to apply is April 4th, 2014.



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