There are some really great plagiarism detection/prevention tools available for Moodle, and the ability to check and verify that a student’s own writing is original is an asset to any online organization. Increasingly though I find that we are using images and videos to help paint the entire assessable portfolio for a student as they submit at home work (art, lab experiments, drawings and diagrams, etc.).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

I am interested in a plagiarism plugin that helps to alleviate the manual required of verifying that a student’s submitted image file is unique and original. Unless I’ve missed it entirely, the only existing solution is only partial: Google’s Search by Image solution which is now integrated into the image search.

search by image

A few features I think would be ideal,

  • potentially a 3rd party service (to aggregate an image database a la Turnitin)
  • easy install,
  • could be used in Moodle’s existing assignment activities,
  • would make comparison within the upload area (and across the Moodle site)
  • could also check against the WWW
  • would provide a web-based interface for showing duplicate submissions, their source (internal and external) with relevant information (time stamps, urls, user information)

In the last week an image site put its own guide on how they tackled this problem with Python. The “how to” by Iconfinder is available here: Another useful post highlighting an approach with C library is available here:

Would this be useful? Have a different approach or solution? Are you a developer that could make it happen? Let me know in the comments.

Perhaps this would be a good project for a community supported and released product at

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  1. We use Turnitin which doesn’t just check for cut and paste…I know it’s not perfect but does help to identify citation issues in addition to paraphrased passages.


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