Moodle is hoping to tackle the gradebook as part of the major release cycle which means finding out exactly what you don’t like about it. This is a great chance to provide your opinion, use cases, frustrations, and suggestions for making one of the most important tools in Moodle better.

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From the post,

Hi all,

Several weeks ago we ran a short Gradebook survey to gather some of your feedback in preparation for the Moodle Gradebook workshop in Long Beach, California on June 11-12. Thank you to more than 600 of you who provided the group with some terrific rich data to work with.

The working group has distilled some of the key issues into a second survey with more specific targeted questions, and we would love to get responses from those of you working with the Moodle gradebook to help us further.

The survey is here: Moodle Gradebook Enhancement Survey

Please spread this link around to Moodle teachers that you know!

Thanks for contributing to Moodle with your feedback!

A few things I’d love to see: full screen, fixed headers (like in Excel), better way to navigate to a user report (rather than drop down), restore all user grades after they are reenrolled and generally anything that will help with the efficient management of large courses.

What do you think? Weigh in at


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