Obviously I have a profound respect for Moodle, it’s future direction, the community which supports and uses it and Moodle HQ which helps to steer one of the largest open source project world wide (otherwise I wouldn’t spend hours out of every single day exploring it or brushing up on what’s new). This year, for the first time ever Moodle HQ is coordinating a capital campaign to 1. raise awareness for Moodle and 2. raise funds to keep things going and improve.

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If you’re not aware, Moodle’s funding mechanism is its official partner network which is growing each year. In exchange for using the service/trademark to sell Moodle services like hosting and support, Moodle Partner contribute 10% of profits back to HQ. This is how Moodle funds its offices in Perth and has grown to a dedicated staff of 33 to manage all of the development at Moodle.org in addition to improving that platform for users of all levels.

#MoodleisOrange is a capital campaign asking Moodle users to contribute a bit either by raising awareness through spreading the hashtag or contributing a few bucks (you can get a slick tshirt or hoodie). Moodle HQ will use the funding to improve the very same software you use. Learn more at Moodle.com http://moodle.com/hq/moodle-orange/

Who doesn’t need another tshirt?


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