conducting a short Gradebook Survey


If you love (or hate) the Moodle gradebook or simply have a quick tip for how it could be improved, is now conducting a short survey in advance of a Gradebook-focused meetup this summer. According to the post,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

We are turning our attention again soon to doing some significant work on the Moodle Gradebook.

A face-to-face Moodle Gradebook workshop is scheduled for June 11-12 in Long Beach, California where a small group of some of the most active Gradebook developers and users are aiming to produce a draft spec for the next stage of Gradebook development, and after some further feedback from the community about it I intend to have Moodle HQ do as much of that as we can in Moodle 2.8 due in November this year.

To help us at the workshop, we are collating as much information as possible from our wonderful worldwide Moodle community about what you want and need in Moodle grading. A lot of this is already in the Moodle Tracker, in contributed code and from feedback you give to Moodle Partners.

In addition we are going to be conducting two surveys, a short one first and then a longer one.

This is a really valuable opportunity to turn what is the bane of some Moodler’s existence (I kinda love how flexible and simple it can be if you adopt a straightforward grade policy). Participate in the survey here:

A few of the things I’d love to see?

  • frozen row 1 and column 1 so that you never lose sight of what you’re edited
  • improved override (so that you don’t need to check the box incessantly)
  • full screen button (as seen here)

What do you want to see?



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  1. I am excited to see full page as expressed above. Also, I would like to be able to open a paper that needs grading in a new tab and keep the grade book open without having to save in the grade book every time.


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