featuredMoodle.net has a feature that allows you to sort results by a couple of different criteria. The one that caught my attention most recently is tied to a “badge” called Featured. There are four courses listed as featured at the moment: for download, Pilgrimage (a religious studies course) and Travel and Tourism LearnNet (focused on the intricacies of planning and executing travel. Both courses are for Middle/High School. Two are also listed for enrollment, they are Teaching with Moodle (learnMoodle) and Hands-on Moodle Quiz (by OpenLearn)

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Pilgrimage is also available for review at Mt. Orange: http://school.demo.moodle.net/course/view.php?id=49

Get both downloadable courses here: http://goo.gl/03sTaL (and if that doesn’t work, just load Moodle.net and set your “sort by” filter to “featured”. Both enrollable courses are at http://goo.gl/2E6Gx3.

I hope we’ll see some more in the future.

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