Moodle HQ recently announced the two participants of the 2014 Google Summer of Code, Jayesh Anandani and Vignesh Panneerselvam. Each participant will work on a Moodle related project closely with a mentor from the Moodle community/HQ team and be rewarded with a summer stipend for their efforts. Past projects have been released to the community and have had an impact on core Moodle (at least one GSoC participant now works at Moodle HQ.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

This year participants are working on,

For more information about Moodle’s involvement in the GSoC read and don’t forget to welcome the new Moodlers.



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  1. Its a technicality and frequently the lines are blurred, but I feel its a bit misleading to attribute this to Moodle HQ. All mentors we have this year are being supported by community members and not Moodle HQ.

  2. I should also say thank you for spreading the word about these projects! I hope the rest of the community will help Jayesh and Vignesh feel the awesome nature of our Moodle community!

  3. I did say “Moodle community/HQ” the project pages weren’t listed so it was hard to guess who the mentors would be for 2014. Thanks for the clarification

  4. Although I’m unsure how much lack of reporting detail is down to the moodle plugin hosting it, or not enough attention to detail on the packages’ part when they write/don’t write the code that feeds scores of individual quizzes/tests within a package back to the host player.


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