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We’re less than one month from the 2014 iMoot presentation. To get ready why not check out some of last year’s sessions to see what you might expect from the online community event. Each year the iMoot team posts the videos online following the event and all 100s of hours of past recordings are available on the Pukunui Youtube Channel. Why not just wait for the recordings? Well for 1 the live sessions each have time for Q&A with the presenters which can be an invaluable exchange and 2 registrations help to support the infrastructure and tools that helped put the entire event online.

From 2013 there are 105 recorded sessions available for your viewing pleasure. 2012’s playlist includes 68. From the six keynotes to presentations to the interactive sessions with lots of audience participation, there are loads of sessions covering all topics Moodle, a few of the catchy titles from last year:

Check them all out in the playlist and don’t forget to register for this year’s event coming up May 15th.

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