Pukunui and Sydney Adventist Hospital have partnered to launch the inaugural healthcare focused Moodlemoot. The event is scheduled for November 27th and 28th in Sydney. Keynoters include Julian Ridden, Open Education Evangelist at Instructure and Dr. Glenn Singleman of Sydney University.

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The conference will consist of keynotes, presentation sessions and “Masterclasses” (day long training sessions focused on diving deep into a topic). Why a Healthcare focused Moodlemoot you might ask,

The challenges in delivering education in healthcare are complex and diverse.  Using Moodle, mobile devices and the latest digital educational tools, is enabling healthcare organizations to:

  • be innovative and use technology to reshape learning, making training more affordable and accessible
  • build skills by giving people a compelling, helpful and authentic learning experience
  • create and access multimedia-rich training resources to keep up with clinical practices
  • use simulation-based learning approaches to provide decision-making opportunities, exploration, reflective learning & sharing of experiences.

 Most importantly, innovation in healthcare education is helping to establish a culture of pervasive learning that is continuous, connected and community-focused. Ultimately, commitment to education in healthcare and ongoing staff capability, translates to quality of patient care.

The Health MoodleMoot will launch a community of practice in healthcare education, aimed at sharing, collaborating and discussing innovative solutions.  This conference will address the challenges faced today and the eLearning solutions for making the learning experience meaningful, memorable and motivating.

Registration is $325 per day earlybird rates. Visit http://health.moodlemoot.com.au/ for more information, to submit a presentation (submit by August 25) or register.


For more Moodle events visit Moodlenews.com/events

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