In recent Analysis, Moodle Adoption outpaces Blackboard in Small Institutions


In a recent analysis published at Edutechnica ( some interesting information about the LMS market was unearthed. This update to a late 2013 report includes a larger sample of institutions (including  those with fewer than 2500 students) and the information related to Moodle interesting.

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From the report,

 The average and median sizes now begin to show material differences. Overall market share [of smaller institutions] dips slightly for each LMS except for Moodle which increases significantly and for institutions choosing “other” LMSs.

Seeing Moodle’s increased usage prompted us to investigate Moodle further. An interesting thing happens below 2500 FTE; Moodle actually exceeds Blackboard’s market  share.  Only after this point do the demographic segments diverge.

The analysis, for which information was gathered through open dataset and search to identify LMS URLs and types for each school listed includes some other great information if you’re interested in the state of LMS adoption by institution size and country. Check out the updated post at

image from edutechnica’s “LMSs of Smaller Colleges”
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