Grade Boundaries and Differentiated Feedback for Students


Moodle’s quiz engine has a host of excellent tools that are extremely flexible and can be used in all sorts of different ways to provide students a different experience. This week I’ve been playing with Unlimited attempts for quizzes and the best way to encourage/discourage student behavior to promote better scores by students.

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For example I wanted to provide students a way to retake a quiz with large test banks which were delivered at random at their convenience, but I wanted to be sure that the students were getting meaningful feedback and also being given an opportunity to put that feedback to use. Three settings in the quiz can help accomplish this easy:

  • first I edited the quiz settings to provide students unlimited attempts (and to use the highest attempt)

grading and attempts

  • next I enforced a 1 day delay between all attempts (between the 1st and 2nd, and then the 2nd and each subsequent)

grading and attempts1

  • finally I utilized the general feedback’s grade boundaries to provide different feedback to students based on the score that they received on the quiz

grading and attempts3

To start I wanted to break student proficiency down across high performers (near perfect), passers with room to approve (students with higher than a passing grade but lower than 90% of the score), and students with below a passing score. Based on student performance and monitoring the quiz results these thresholds could easily be tweaked in the future to better triage students as they move through the quizzes.

Feedback to students appears as such (note that in the pictured example below the retakes were limited to 2):

grading and attempts2

More documentation on quiz settings can be found here:


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