Going on Vacation? Save your Inbox and “Temporarily disable Notifications”


I just got back from a week long vacation. And if you’re like me you probably are subscribed to a whole mess of forums at Moodle.org (probably and average of 70-100 forum posts a day). I don’t read everything, but it does help me keep tabs on the threads, forums and conversations that I’m most interested in daily.


That said, accumulating 1000 emails in my inbox over my vacation wasn’t something I was looking forward to sorting through. So rather than save the messages for later I used the handy little function of any Moodle site that allows you to Temporarily disable notifications on your profile.

On Moodle.org the setting is available through your Administration block, then click Messaging. The check box is in “General Settings” and easily sets up a hold for your “mail”.

temporarily suspend messages